Diet Soda Rots Teeth

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Can diet soda cause cavities?

Diet Soda Rots Teeth

So, Mrs. Smarty Pants, think you're avoiding rapid tooth decay by switching away from sugary sodas to their diet versions? If that has been your strategy, you should take caution as diet soda will also cause your teeth to decay. It's not just the sugar that rots your teeth, but the acid content in soda as well.

Tooth enamel can be affected by beverages that have a pH level below 5.5 and some soda, such as Dr. Pepper, can drop as low as 2.92, which will eat away your teeth's protective coating with a fury.

To really avoid tooth decay and other potentially long term side effects associated with soda drinking, switch to drinking water, unsweetened tea, and other non-sugary, non-acidic beverages.



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