Your Diet Can Promote Tooth Decay

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Is brushing twice a day enough to keep cavities at bay?

Your Diet Can Promote Tooth Decay

The only health ailment more common than a cavity is the common cold, but there are plenty of things you can do right now to help prevent tooth decay.

Preventing tooth decay is not as easy as brushing and flossing the minimally recommended two times daily, as that leaves a great deal of time for sugars, plaque, and acid to work on your enamel between brushing. For this reason, your diet can also have a profound impact on the health of your teeth.

Switching away from sugary foods and drinks is just one thing that will help ensure fewer trips to the dentist, but acidic drinks, such as many wines, coffee, and even diet soda, can also take their toll.

Keeping your teeth healthy isn't just good for your smile but for your wallet as well, since treating cavities can be expensive even if you have the best dental insurance available.



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