Milk Does Your Teeth Good

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Can drinking milk really make my teeth stronger?

Milk Does Your Teeth Good

Your mother may have told you some white lies, including that breaking a mirror is seven years bad luck or that if you keep picking your nose it would get stuck that way, but one thing that she did get right is that drinking milk will probably help your teeth out.

Studies have found that drinking milk and eating cheeses, especially cheddars, with or after a meal can help increase the pH level of your mouth (for us non-scientists out there, this means that it will lower the acidity level) thereby limiting the damage that certain foods can do to your enamel.

To avoid having to purchase the best dental insurance available just so you can afford to fix your kid's teeth later in life, make sure to include a little milk and cheese with their meals, particularly with acidic meals such as pastas with red sauce, to help protect them from cavities.



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