Do Your Dental Insurance Homework

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Is there a best dental plan for everyone?

Do Your Dental Insurance Homework

If you need to buy dental insurance, be forewarned that there is no dental best buy or one-size-fits-all dental plan for everyone, but rather an enormous variety of plans that can be catered to your individual needs. For example, if your teeth and the other teeth in your family are perfectly straight, you might not want to shell out for a better dental plan that covers orthodontic treatments.

For each dental plan you consider, make sure that the coverage it provides is what you and your family really need. Does the dentist you see accept the plan you want to buy? Are there exemptions that overlap with your needs? Does the plan have a large deductible? Does it cover a significant percentage of the most expensive procedures such as root canals? If there are large monthly premiums and your family doesn't typically require much dental work, you might want to consider enrolling in a discount dental plan instead of purchasing traditional insurance.

Don't just jump into purchasing a dental plan that is highly recommended or that looks like a good value, do the research to make sure that it's the right fit for you and your family.



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