E Dental Insurance

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Are electronic-based insurance providers super competitive?

E Dental Insurance

Electronic banks, such as E*Trade and ING Direct, can give much better interest rates than traditional brick and mortar organizations because of the tremendous amount of money they save by not having to maintain actual branches. So shouldn't you be able to buy dental plans online from an electronic insurance provider that offers analogously cheap policies?

Unfortunately, that is not the case. While electronic banks have a significantly smaller overhead as compared to traditional brick and mortar organizations, most insurance companies don't have very many brick and mortar branch offices to begin with, having already done most of their communication with plan members over the phone and via mail for years.

Thus if you're looking to buy dental insurance, there is no new fangled, fancy “e” insurance provider that offers much better, cheaper coverage. In fact, in the world of dental health plans, the opposite holds true; you're probably better off going with an older, reputable, established provider than with a younger, smaller upstart.



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