Dental Loan Agencies

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How can I pay for braces if my dental plan doesn’t cover them?

Dental Loan Agencies

Your kid's teeth are crooked as a politician in an election year, with a gap between the front ones large enough to drive a Volkswagen through. He clearly needs braces, but your dental insurance doesn't cover the treatment! Before giving up or rushing out to buy a second, supplemental insurance policy for him, talk to orthodontists about the financing options available.

Many orthodontists are now accepting payment via Dental Fee Plan and CareCredit loans, which offer no interest plans for the first year and plans up to five years long. Spread over that period of time, taking a loan from those agencies to pay for your kid's braces might actually save you money, compared to a supplemental dental insurance policy, and using them has become increasingly popular in recent years.

Before rushing out to buy dental insurance just for braces, consult these dental loan agencies, do the math, and see what makes the most sense for your financial situation.



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