Teeth Whitening Not Covered By Dental Insurance

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Will my dental insurance help cover the cost of whitening my teeth?

Teeth Whitening Not Covered By Dental Insurance

If you're looking for that extra sparkle in your smile, your dental insurance is unlikely to help you out. Unfortunately, most cosmetic dentistry procedures will not be covered by your dental insurance, leaving you and your wallet unaided in your quest for shinier teeth. In addition, many professional tooth whitening procedures, such as BriteSmile, can cost well over $500!

If you desperately need an extra shiny, white smile but can't afford the professional procedures, there are much cheaper, over-the-counter treatments that can also bring great results. However, these options often take several weeks to months to achieve their best results.

For more information, consult your dentist for advice on the latest trends in cheap tooth whitening.



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