Tooth Whitening Strips

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Do over-the-counter whitening strips really work?

Tooth Whitening Strips

Do over-the-counter whitening strips really work?

They probably do, and are a much less expensive alternative to professional cosmetic dentistry whitening procedures.

Standard tooth whitening strips contain hydrogen peroxide, the same active ingredient present in any tooth whitening procedure, and studies conducted (albeit by the manufacturers of the strips) have found that the vast majority of whitening strip users have reported very noticeable whitening of their teeth.

That said, the American Dental Association has not granted its Seal of Acceptance to any over-the-counter tooth whitening strip, which could be significant considering the vast range of toothpastes and other dental products that have received that Seal in the past.

Therefore, before using whitening strips you should consult your dentist for his advise.



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