Vitamins and Oral Health

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Do certain vitamins help me maintain good dental health?

Vitamins and Oral Health

Do certain vitamins help me maintain good dental health?

Yes, but most of those on the list are vitamins that you would need for good health in general. Vitamins B, B-9, C, D, and E are all important for good dental health, as well as Coenzyme Q 10 and flavanoids, which give color to fruits and vegetables and to herbs as well. Sufficient quantities of these vitamins will help your teeth stay healthy but, if you have a balanced diet, you'll probably not be lacking in any of them.

Certain foods types, such as foods high in sugar, starch or acidic drinks, can have a much greater negative impact on your teeth than extra vitamins alone can protect them from. Furthermore, despite the positive impact that these vitamins and minerals can have on your dental health, your dental insurance will definitely not cover vitamin supplements, but rather only the fillings you'll need from eating unhealthily.

So even though vitamins can have a positive impact on your dental health, if you're looking to change your diet to help out your teeth, you should focus on cutting out negatives before putting the icing on your oral health cake with expensive vitamin supplements.



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