Two Kinds of Dental Health Plans

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What’s the difference between a dental health plan and a dental insurance policy?

Two Kinds of Dental Health Plans

Trying to figure out the cheapest way to keep your pearly whites bright and pearly? Unless your employer provides you with a traditional dental insurance policy, you'll probably save more money in the long run if you purchase your own dental insurance out-of-pocket, rather than relying on fate to keep your teeth healthy. These days, there is a dental health plan available for nearly every individual financial and health situation, so the biggest decision you'll have to make is between the different types of coverage available. Two of the most popular types include managed care insurance policies and discount dental plans.

Dental insurance policies require you to pay a monthly fee, cover what is often a large deductible for treatment, and require you to provide a co-payment with every visit. However, they do cover a very substantial portion of your treatment, so if you get a lot of work done on your gnashers a traditional insurance policy could save you a lot of money.

Reduced fee dental plans, also known as discount dental plans, are more affordable and only require a relatively modest annual fee; no other charges apply! Members of a discount dental plan provide dentists and specialists with their membership card at the time of treatment and are offered a discount. The discount will typically not be as substantial as what an insurance company would cover, but if you don't get your teeth dealt with professionally very often the model annual membership fee of a discount dental plan could save you a lot of money compared to the monthly fees charged for traditional insurance coverage.

Even within these two broad categories, there area large varieties of personalized plans available. So before making any big decisions, you should do your research, make some calls, and take your time to find the right dental health plan for your teeth and your wallet.



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