Dental Erosion is Unavoidable

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If I practice perfect dental hygiene, do I still need to a dental plan?

Dental Erosion is Unavoidable

Think you can outsmart the insurance companies with your perfect dental hygiene and, to date, cavity-free, sparkling, pearly whites? Think again!

Even the best dental habits do not leave your teeth free from the daily grind of eating, drinking, and breathing. Over time, dental erosion, caused by such nearly unavoidable things as chewing, grinding, exposure to acids in foods (even healthy foods like fruit juices), and breathing in polluted air, can eventually wear down your teeth and cause minor cavities to occur. What's more, even brushing can often fail to remove plaque from the deep grooves present in your larger molars.

Thus, even with immaculate dental hygiene, it's still in your best interest to enroll in a dental health plan of some kind. You can probably get away with purchasing one of the most affordable dental plans, as you probably won't need the extensive coverage offered by better plans.



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