Finding a Good Dentist

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How do you find a dentist that is actually good?

Finding a Good Dentist

When faced with the prospect of a guy waving a drill spinning at more than 800,000 RPMs in your mouth, you really want to know that he's good at what he does.

The question of how to find a good dentist is one that most people grapple with at some point. With the Internet, it is easy to get a near inexhaustible list of dentists in your area, and your dental insurance policy might also offer a list of dentists that is less comprehensive. With so many to choose from, deciding which dentist has the steady, clean hand for your mouth is not easy.

Unfortunately, it is still hard to beat good old word-of-mouth recommendations regarding good dentists however, if you're new in an area, such recommendations might be hard to come by. Without such recommendations, you are probably better off picking a dentist that is not a managed care practitioner, such as a dentist that primarily sees patients covered by HMOs. Those dentists, in general, have been criticized for trying to handle way too many patients at a time simply to make ends meet.



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