Tooth Hypersensitivity

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Are your teeth sensitive to cold or hot temperatures?

Tooth Hypersensitivity

Are your teeth sensitive to cold or hot temperatures? You're not alone. Tooth hypersensitivity affects more than 45 million Americans, 10 million of those chronically.

Tooth sensitivity isn't itself a reason to find a dentist immediately, though it may be a warning sign that you are causing unnecessary hardship to your gums. The pain itself is most often caused by a receding of your gum line, which is often related to brushing too hard (2 out of 3 Americans brush too hard) or using a brush with hard bristles.

To avoid receding gum lines and the discomfort associated with them, don't brush as hard as you do now and switch to a toothbrush with softer bristles. Of course, there are other factors which can cause gum lines to recede, so consult your dentist with any further questions.



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