Affordable Group Dental Coverage for Small Businesses

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Is the cost of a group dental plan intimidating to your small business?

Affordable Group Dental Coverage for Small Businesses

Is your small business looking to provide it's employees with group dental insurance?

Then you've made a big step. Most small businesses do not even consider enrolling their employees in a group dental plan, as they are intimidated by the associated cost. Fortunately, there are many plans on the market catered especially to the small business, such as BlueCross BlueShield's EmployeeElect Plus plan, which only requires your business to pay $15 per employee per month.

Even by footing such a modest portion of your employees' dental coverage, you can save them quite a bit of money, as group dental plans offered to businesses come at a much better rate than plans purchased by individual or families outside the auspices of a business.

Your employees will appreciate the gesture, and you'll be doing them a good turn in providing dental coverage for them.



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