Floss Type Doesn't Matter

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What kind of floss should I use?

Floss Type Doesn't Matter

Waxed, un-waxed, woven, shred resistant, mint-flavored, thin, colored, or Harry Potter themed; what is really the best kind of dental floss?

Studies have shown that it doesn't matter what kind of floss you use on your teeth, just that you use it. Brushing simply doesn't remove enough plaque alone to constitute good oral hygiene. Make sure you floss at least once daily to ensure that your teeth and gum lines stay plaque-free and healthy.

If your child isn't very excited about flossing, this means that you can comfortably allow him or her to select even the most ludicrous-seeming flosses on the shelf, so long as it means that they start flossing as young as possible. Flossing is a central part of any family's group dental health strategy.



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