Types of Fillings

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Does the type of filling I get for my teeth matter?

Types of Fillings

Even though you might desire the bling effect given off by a gold or silver filling, there are other factors that you must consider when choosing a material with which to fill your teeth.

Metal fillings are actually more likely to cause your teeth to be sensitive to temperature than amalgam fillings, which are white. Despite this, they are often used to fill in your larger molars, as the gold or silver used is actually cheaper than the white amalgam material.

If you can afford it and aren't trying to make a fashion statement, amalgam fillings are the strongest and most naturally suited for your teeth. However, whatever type of filling you get will likely have to be replaced in 6-12 years, so if you need a bunch of fillings, make sure that your individual dental plan stays up to date over the years or you may have to shell out hundreds of dollars over time to maintain them.



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