Start a Company, Protect Your Teeth!

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Want to avoid the months-long gap in coverage when you first start a new insurance plan after being uninsured?

Start a Company, Protect Your Teeth!

Healthy teeth can cost more than their weight in gold to maintain, especially if they're capped with that shiny metal.

To protect your bank account from suffering too much from having an unexpected cavity, tooth ache, or avulsion treated, you should really have a good individual dental plan. Unfortunately, if you have gone without insurance for a long period of time, most insurance providers and even some state laws will prevent you from receiving any non-emergency care for the first few months after starting a new plan (it's called a waiting period). Although this seems silly, the point is to prevent people from waiting until they know they have a problem, then getting insurance specifically to have an expensive treatment done immediately.

There is a useful loophole, however. If you get your individual dental plan from your employer, as opposed to paying for one by yourself, the insurance is in full effect immediately. What's more, in most town halls or city halls, you can register a new company, owned by you, for a small amount of money ($25-$50 is not uncommon), and, using your shiny new business certificate, you can get yourself dental insurance from your own company at the discountd rate offered to any company by the insurance providers!

So if you need to buy dental insurance for yourself, start a company and you'll pay less for the plan and have your coverage effective immediately, regardless of state regulations.



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