No Excuse Not to Have Dental Coverage

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Do I really need a dental plan?

No Excuse Not to Have Dental Coverage

Almost half of all dental expenditures in America are paid out of pocket but, with the current wide array of individual dental plans available, there really is no reason that should be true.

Having just one tooth filled can cost anywhere from $75-$200, which is about the same amount as the total annual cost to belong to an individual discount dental plan. Furthermore, with a dental plan you'll actually be able to afford the recommended twice annual visits to the dentist for cleanings and inspections, which will help keep your teeth in a healthy state and help you avoid even more expensive and painful procedures down the line.

Even though the cost of an individual dental plan might seem like a lot, the cost of not having one can be much greater. With the variety of affordable plans available today, there is no excuse not to have dental coverage.



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