The Egyptians Had Straight Smiles

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Are dental braces as unaffordable for you as they were for the serfs of Ancient Egypt?

The Egyptians Had Straight Smiles

Think having straight teeth is a new trend, brought on by Cosmo and the E! Channel? Well, archeologists have discovered mummified bodies with metal bands on their teeth and writings on how to straighten teeth dating back to 400 B.C.!

Back then, only the powerful ruling elite could afford the undoubtedly expensive procedure of smile perfecting, but these days millions of kids are subjected to dental braces each year. However, if your family dental plan doesn't cover the expensive costs of orthodontists, then a straight smile will seem just as unaffordable as it was for the plebeians of ancient Egypt.

But don't fear! Unlike the ancient slaves, you can purchase a supplementary discount dental plan for your family which, for less than $200 annually, could make the high costs of dental braces more affordable.

There are many such plans available on the market, so make sure you pick one with the best discounts for the orthodontic treatments that you and your family are likely to need.



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