Crooked Teeth Can Cause Pain

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Don’t think your crooked teeth look that bad?

Crooked Teeth Can Cause Pain

Don't think your crooked teeth look that bad? Even if you don't mind the look of your Frankenstein smile, it can affect more than your physical appearance.

Crooked teeth can cause unneeded wear and tear on your teeth and unnecessary strain on your gums, which can lead to gum disease. They can even affect your jaw, potentially causing jaw pain and even headaches! As a final kicker, misaligned teeth can affect your ability to properly chew food, which can have a bad effect on your digestion.

So even if you don't mind the way your crooked teeth look and don't want to seek expensive corrective treatments offered by orthodontists, you should at least consult your dentist about having them corrected to avoid other negative effects of crooked teeth in the long term.



9/4/2006 8:41:15 AM
josie said:

all well and good saying how important it is to have your teeth corrected. if its so important why charge so much, im sure pretty much everyone with any defect in the teeth would jump at the chance to have them corected but we aint all millionaires !


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